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I started making jewellery about 20 years ago. I have always had an eye for fashion and was often frustrated at not being able to find unique clothing or accessories. It was this frustration that led me to create my own one-of-a-kind jewellery.

My love of beads was my initial inspiration, which grew to include silversmithing. I enjoy keeping up with fashion, but don’t let it rule my designs. Recently, I have become inspired by movement in jewellery and the craftsmanship of Ethnic jewellery. My recent collection reflects my interpretation of this. It includes necklaces made up of ‘components’, allowing for movement. I’ve also used some woven techniques that are a staple of Ethnic jewellery. I have used some of these woven methods in different ways, for example, in earrings. I think my latest collection is timeless and very beautiful.

Although I have done custom work, I prefer the creative aspect of designing my own pieces and thoroughly enjoy the hammering, bending and rivetting of each piece.

I love travelling to different venues and seeing the faces of those that buy my jewellery and being able to explain the processes used in creating them. I have to say that many men often stop when they see my jewellery and are frequently extremely excited to buy something for their significant other. The woman who wears my jewellery is the woman who appreciates something a little different – something artistic – and both men and women recognize that.

I am passionate about creating jewellery, and could not imagine a life without it. I work hard to create quality pieces that can be treasured and worn with pride, and I hope you enjoy wearing your purchase as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Sheila Fendall
Copper Moon Jewellery
Tel: 403-938-3005
Email: info@coppermoonjewellery.com

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