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Handcrafted silver jewellery earrings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, buckles and more.

Custom Handmade Necklaces

Below are a sample of custom handmade necklaces that I have made. Click the image below to view a larger, more detailed image.

This piece was inspired from of an old pair of brass earrings I had from the 70s. Using sterling silver, I made some adjustments and added the little domes. I attached it to woven chain and wire wrapped some facetted garnet beads. Handmade clasp and chain.
I'd enrolled in a class at the local art college that was offering instruction in woven chain making only to find out that the instructor actually didn't know how to do woven chain. Discouraged, I persevered on my own, and this was the result of my first piece. It is a very time intensive process. I surrounded the 18 x 13mm turquoise cabochon with sterling silver bead wire and made mini domes to dangle from it. I also made the end caps to attach the beads and chain. Using sterling silver wire wraps, the facetted turquoise and coral beads are attached to the sterling chain. Handmade clasp and chain.
I call this necklace my Indonesian one. It just makes me think of Indonesian jewellery. This is my interpretation of a picture I'd seen using beads, and I took it to a different level using sterling silver. Each dome, triangle and wire component was cut individually and shaped. The chain and clasp are also handmade.
I had this beautiful amethyst cabochon (18 x 13mm), and I wanted to do something special with it. I surrounded it with sterling silver bead wire and added two 5mm garnet cabochons and one 6mm amethyst cabochon. I made the two silver rivetted beads, then attached sterling silver wire wrapped components with facetted ametrine beads and finished the necklace with individually wire wrapped chain links. Handmade clasp and chain.
This necklace developed from an idea I had in mind for quite some time. I wanted to make a 'chainmaille' style piece using domes and soldering, where chainmaille normally is not soldered. It is one of those cases where I actually didn't like the direction it was taking, so I changed my original design and added two garnet cabochons (4mm & 6mm). I like the finished product and the fact that it also took on an Ethnic look, quite by surprise. This piece involved a tremendous amount of work and much soldering. Handmade chain and clasp; forged wire. Sterling silver.

Turkish Delight Collection

This collection came about in part because of my deepening interest in ethnic jewellery. I had purchased some sterling bead wire simply because I liked it and knew I would find a use for it at some point, then set it aside and forgot about it.

About 3 years later, I was making jump rings for a piece I was working on, and a little bell went off in my head I remembered that bead wire. I started laying out some jump rings and placing a piece of the bead wire on top; I liked the way it looked. I soldered a few components together, joining with jump rings. I was so excited with where it was taking me, I immediately started developing a pattern and completed a small but beautiful piece for myself that day.

Over the next few days, I made a chain to attach and ended up with a very elegant piece, which coincidentally had a very ethnic look to it. I started seeing other patterns in my head. It was only after making 2 more pieces that I realized that this is a style used in Turkey, hence the name Turkish Delight.

I have since made some of my own 'beads', which again changes the look. As you will see, I have incorporated some garnet cabochons into one piece. The components are very similar, but the completed piece is very different. These pieces are very time consuming, but I love the result. I use 22g sterling silver wire. Both of these pieces have sold, but I will take orders.
No two pieces are alike.

Custom Handmade Earrings

Below are a sample of custom handmade earrings that I have made. Click the image below to view a larger, more detailed image.

Custom Handmade Bracelets

Below are a sample of custom handmade braclets that I have made. Click the image below to view a larger, more detailed image.

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